Explore Troy Cleaners’ Dry Cleaning Options in Your Port Huron Neighborhood

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Have you heard about Troy Cleaners in Port Huron, MI, and the extensive range of services we offer both our residential and commercial customers?

As a full-service dry cleaner, we offer all kinds of services related to clothing care, well beyond laundry and dry cleaning. We’ve been serving the Port Huron, Michigan community since 1873, and in our commitment to serving you better with each passing year, we’ve added pickup and delivery for added convenience.

In this article, we’re excited to share with you all the ways we can take care of your clothing and household textiles.

What Distinguishes Troy Cleaners from Other Dry Cleaners in Port Huron

If you type in “dry cleaners near my location” in many online search engines, you’ll find quite a list of other local dry cleaners in the area. So why choose Troy Cleaners? How do we compare to other service providers?

Here’s what we can offer you that others simply can’t match!

24-Hour Drop Box and Drive Thru

At Troy Cleaners, we understand your schedule can be unpredictable, which is why we offer a 24-hour drop box. This gives you the option to drop off your clothes at any time that suits you best. Additionally, our convenient drive thru service lets you quickly pick up or drop off your items without even getting out of your car.

Expert Handling of All Types of Clothing Pieces

At Troy Cleaners, we take pride in our expertise at handling all types of garments. Whether it’s high-fashion garments, delicate fabrics, or stubborn stains, our team knows how to handle it all. We combine fashion sense, fabric knowledge, and top-notch stain removal techniques to ensure your garments look their best. We get your clothes cleaner than you could at home, with each piece meticulously pressed and ready to wear—no ironing needed.

Advocates of Using Eco-Friendly Solvents

We believe caring for your clothes shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment. That’s why Troy Cleaners is a proud advocate of environmentally friendly solvents. While the goal is to make your clothes smell better and be spotlessly clean, we also make sure we do so using sustainable cleaning methods.

All the Services We Proudly Offer in Our Dry Cleaning Store

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is our specialty, perfect for those garments that need special care. This service is ideal for suits, dresses, blouses, and any clothing made from delicate fabrics that can’t withstand the rigors of a regular wash.

Our dry cleaning service is suitable for a wide range of clothing and household items, including:

  • Suits and Blazers
  • Dresses and Gowns
  • Silk and Wool Materials
  • Blouses and Dress Shirts
  • Curtains and Draperies
  • Bedding Items
  • Table Linens

Laundry Service

For your everyday essentials, our laundry service is a lifesaver. Whether it’s your casual wear, gym clothes, table linens, or bedding items, we take care of it all. Our same-day wash and fold service is especially popular, offering convenience and efficiency for busy households. Just drop off your laundry, and we’ll wash, dry, and fold it, ready for you to pick up at a time and place you prefer.


Finding clothes that fit perfectly can be a challenge, but our professional alteration services make it easy. Whether you need a hem adjusted, a zipper replaced, or a garment resized, our skilled tailors are here to help. We’ll ensure your clothes fit just right, enhancing comfort and style. Don’t let ill-fitting clothes be forgotten in your closet – bring them to us for a perfect fit.

Our skilled tailors can do the following alterations for you:

  • Hemming: Whether your pants are too long or your dress needs a shorter hem, we can adjust the length to suit your preferences.
  • Taking In or Letting Out: If your clothes are too tight or too loose, we can take them in or let them out to achieve the right fit.
  • Replacing Zippers and Buttons: Don’t let a broken zipper or missing button ruin your favorite garment. Our tailors can replace zippers, buttons, and other closures to restore your clothes to their former glory.
  • Repairing Rips and Tears: From minor tears to major repairs, we can mend your clothes so you can continue to enjoy them for years to come.

Wedding Dress Cleaning and Restoration

After the big day is over, it’s essential to properly clean and preserve your wedding dress to keep it in its best form even after many years have passed. Our expert cleaners use gentle techniques and specialized solvents to remove stains and dirt without compromising delicate fabrics or intricate details. Once cleaned, we carefully package your wedding dress in acid-free materials to protect it from yellowing and deterioration over time. Our preservation boxes are specially designed to prevent yellowing, discoloration, and damage from light, humidity, and pests.

Area Rug Cleaning

Our area rug cleaning process begins with a thorough inspection to assess the condition of your rug and identify any areas of concern. We then use a combination of gentle yet effective cleaning techniques to remove dirt, stains, and odors, leaving your rug looking and smelling fresh.

We’re equipped to clean a variety of rug materials, including:

  • Oriental Rugs
  • Persian Rugs
  • Vintage Rugs
  • Synthetic Rugs
  • Natural Fiber Rugs
  • And many more!

Leather and Suede Cleaning

When it comes to leather and suede, proper care is essential to maintain their luxurious look and feel. At Troy Cleaners, we offer expert cleaning services tailored specifically for these delicate materials. We can clean a wide range of leather and suede items, such as:

  • Leather Jackets and Coats
  • Suede Boots and Shoes
  • Leather Handbags
  • Accessories

Would You Like to Try Any of Troy Cleaners’ Services? Call Us Today!

Whether it’s rejuvenating your cherished wedding gown, restoring your favorite leather jacket, or simply getting your weekly laundry perfectly cleaned, Troy Cleaners is here to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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