More Services We Offer

Home Accents – Drapery: 

  • Drapes build up dust from hanging, however it is a chore to take them down and clean them. Take them down, put them in a bag, and let Troy do the rest!

Fire & Smoke Restoration:

  • If you have experienced fire or smoke damage, you realize that the smell of the smoke lingers within fabrics. Our restoration specialists use technologies and procedures to restore fabric-related items to their original condition.

Boat & Vehicle Cover Cleaning

  • You keep your boat and vehicles protected during storage time, however what do you do with the covers when you get to enjoy your seasonal toys? Chances are they end up in the corner of your garage, potentially accumulating buildup that could damage your boat or vehicle. Before storage time rolls around again, bring your cover to Troy and we will get them cleaner than they were when you bought them!

Leather Material Cleaning

  • Leather is one of the most difficult materials to clean, you need to have special equipment that will not damage or melt the leather. Troy Dry Cleaners has a machine that is only used for leather products to clean and ensure the material does not get damaged during the cleaning process.

Designer Purse Cleaning

  • We get it, you love your purses, and you pay a lot of money for them. When they get dirty, don’t throw them in your washer to clean them, chances are they are going to get ruined. Troy Dry Cleaners has a special process to make your favorite purse look like new again.


  • We have a professional seamstress on location that can complete any alterations that you may need. Purses, pants, zippers, coats, or any other repairs!

Everything Else

  • If you have something you want cleaned and you don’t see the specific item on our site, chances are, we can still clean it. Stop in or give us a call to find out!