Five Questions To Ask Your Dry Cleaners

You are using a dry cleaning/laundry service, but are they right for you? Here are five questions that you should ask your Dry Cleaners before you do business with them.

1. Is the facility clean? You are taking clothes and other items to get them cleaned, if the place you are taking them is not clean, how clean do you think clothes will turn out? Common problems to be aware of are: overused chemicals/detergents and dirty/smelly facilities.

2. How often should I dry clean my suits? There is a long running myth that your suit pants and coat should both be cleaned at the same time. Not true! You should only dry clean your pants every time, not your coat. Your coat should be taken off in your vehicle and at the office, which would minimize how dirty it can get. Your coat should only required to be professional pressed once or twice a year.

3. What is their policy on broken buttons? Every dry cleaning and laundry company will replace buttons for free. What happens when a button breaks after the cleaning? Is it your fault? No, it’s not, if you have an issue with a broken button after you use our service, we will fix the problem and clean it again for free!

4. Do they do any free repairs? The dry cleaner that nickle and dimes you to death is probably not best choice to use. We at Troy will do minor repairs for free!

5. Does your dry cleaner have free pick up and delivery service? You may be used to dropping off and picking up your dry cleaner, that’s fine if you prefer to do it that way, however your dry cleaners should be keeping up with the times and offer free pick and delivery service as a option. If they are not willing to come to you, you should not be willing to go do business with them!